Why you should have a mini marker in your disc golf bag

Why are there miniature discs? While some can be used for throwing, most “minis” are used as a marker out on the disc golf course. Here’s what a mini marker is used for, and why you should have one.

What is a mini marker used for in disc golf?

A mini marker for disc golf is generally a miniature disc that’s made of the same plastic as a regular disc, but there are other versions. Sometimes these are made from metal, wood, and other materials, but they all do the same job. As long as it’s a circle less than 1-inch tall and between 2.75-6 inches across, it’s legal for the sport.

When your disc is in the fairway, a mini marker is used to mark the line of where you can throw. Typically, you’d throw from the front of where your disc lies, but the mini marker can better do this job because it doesn’t get in the way of your foot. Similarly, you can place the mini marker a little more flexibly, and right in line with the direction of the basket.

This can prove extremely helpful while out on the course, especially if you’re reusing the same disc for your next shot. The mini marker proves where you’re supposed to throw from, and prevents you from making a mistake.

What mini marker should I get?

A mini marker is one of the most flexible items in your disc golf bag, because it can be basically anything. Official mini markers are generally quite affordable. MVP sells the “Nano,” which is a small disc made from the company’s Neutron or Proton plastics, while Innova sells its own minis also made out of the same plastic used in discs. Almost every major disc golf brand sells a variety of mini markers, and they’re usually well under $10.

But you can also get fully custom minis. There are tons of sellers on Etsy who will make a custom disc golf mini out of wood or metal, and DiscDyesByMelissa is also happy to create custom options as well. We’ve made custom minis with unique patterns, and you can also request a custom commission with your name, logo, or a favorite character on it too!

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